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All photos by Leilah Schubert 

Ryan started learning guitar as part of his high school music classes, mostly playing rock, fusion, and metal. Towards the end of his high school career, Ryan became interested in composition, resulting in him enrolling in a Bachelor of Music (Sonic Arts) at the University of New South Wales. Here, Ryan learnt how to play and write jazz, compose classical music, create music and sound art in a studio environment, as well as many other skills necessary for the 21st Century musician. For his honours year, Ryan went beyond jazz improvisation, researching the open ended improvisations of composer like John Zorn and Earle Brown, as well as the techniques and conventions of film sound to create Narrative Generator (for Living Machine): a rule-based improvisation for narrator, instruments, and electronics that facilitates an improvised spoken narrative and soundtrack. Ryan's compositions, including Narrative Generator (for Living Machine) have been performed at IO Myers Studio, The Red Rattler Theatre, and more. 

Ryan's work explores how improvisation can reflect relationships, structures, and norms that exist in the real world and question them for the purpose of making the world a better place. An album focusing on this concept is in the process of being written, and is planned for release later in the year.